>roadkill days in wolfvegas

I love my sunglasses. They are massive bug like things that make me feel like an instant movie star even if the rest of me looks like roadkill. Today was a roadkill day…and where were my sunglasses? Broken. No movie star for me.

The problem with living in a small town like Wolfville is that roadkill days are that much more public. You are bound to run into at least five people who will say “you look tired” (hands down the most irritating phrase a person can say). Enter the giant sunglasses. Sigh. Reason number 5 billion why I can’t wait to get back to Victoria.


3 thoughts on “>roadkill days in wolfvegas

  1. >You really do look like a movie star. That’s why, as you mentioned this morning, you get funny looks from time to time… People are trying to figure out whose autograph to ask for.

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