>my movie


Have you ever known how something was going to turn out, and known that it probably wasn’t going to be great but insisted on telling your brain to shut up and wait it out anyways? Just for curiousity’s sake, perhaps to see how it all goes down? And maybe even with this tiny, silly hope that you might have been wrong to begin with?

I consistently tell my brain to shut up. Sssshhh I say to it. I’m watching the movie that is my life. And my brain sighs. Because this movie is bad. Not bad in that “oh she has it rough way”. Because let’s face it, I’m a white woman in North America with a university education so really things can’t be that bad. But bad in the “oh so predictable DON’T GO THROUGH THAT DOOR YOU FOOL” sort of way. But just like those movies where you tell the girl not to head upstairs (WHY UPSTAIRS!?), you know deep down that she has to go upstairs, and furthermore that you have to watch her do it. You aren’t going to turn it off or switch films. Such is my life. I get moments where I think I might switch films, but then I think what if this is actually an oscar winning movie with a slow start? Sigh.


4 thoughts on “>my movie

  1. >BTW – where do these drawings come from? Are they yours? If so, they are also some of the coolest drawings I’ve seen in a long, long time.I like reading your blog. It’s nice to know I’m not the only struggling grad out there. Oh and today, I torpedoed my profs research. That was fun ;)

  2. >Denise – no they aren’t my drawings though i wish i could say they were. love them! i’m still trying to find the site i got them from so when i do i’ll post it. congrats on the torpedo…love those moments eh?:P

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