Icky? Yes. Where was it? On my pillow. How loud did I scream? The cat was five times her normal size.

Ick ick ick. Living alone was put to the test today because I couldn’t just scream and tell David to deal with it. I had to deal with it myself. So I did the mature thing…I put a glass over it and have evacuated my bedroom and set up camp at the kitchen table. I can sleep here until it dies under that glass. God help me if it has friends and relatives…I only have a few glasses. Apparently it’s harmless, but I ask you: if it’s really harmless, why does it look like that? All truly harmless things should look like kittens. This thing looks like it could eat through the glass its under (which is why I’m in the front room).



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  1. >Too funny: I can definitely relate! I’m paranoid of finding a spider in my apartment somewhere and having to deal with it…not! I’ll just have to move. Good luck with the unwanted visitor – my usual MO with those critters is to RAID them to death.

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